Saturday, March 20, 2010

Park Day

We decided to take advantage of the incredible weather we were having today.  Larry, La-La (our cousin Amanda), Alex and I went to play at the park. 

It was so busy - you could definitely tell that it had been the first nice day in a LONG time!  Since Alex has been attending school, he interacts with other children so much better now - I'm not scare about him plaing with other kids anymore!

First Alex had a little bubble blowing fun with La-La:

After that, we let Alex play on the playground.  He really liked riding the "yee-haw" and playing in the sand pit!  We are strongly considering getting him a sandbox for the new house...unless someone else wants to get it for him (hint, hint).  Here are a few pictures of Alex playing on the plaground:

And finally, our child is showing characteristics of becoming slightly OCD :)  (he might get that from his Mama!)  The child would not stay out of the sand pit, but he did not like feel of sand in his sandals.  He had each one of us stop what we were doing, pulled us down to his level, and sat on our laps until we took off his shoes and bushed the sand out from between his toes.  After we all (Larry, Amanda and I), had dusted the sand out of his shoes one time each, we made him to it himself.  It was so cute watching him do it...he had such determination.  Enjoy the pictres:

We had a great day at the park - and knowing that is probably our last time at the park in Enterprise was slightly bittersweet.  Alex, Larry and I have spent many days there - walking around the lage, feeding the ducks and playing on the playground.  We were very happy that we got to share the park with Amanda...I know that Alex was so excited that hse was there!

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