Monday, February 28, 2011


Alex had quite a bit of a fever tonight, so I went ahead and put him in a cool bath to try and control his temperature.

Apparently the bath did the trick...he was a much happier kid after that :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rough Life

Alex has a rough life!  He told me that he was going to take a nap in his wagon.

I look over and he was "sleeping" and even fake snoring!  Love this kid :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Alex's Room

Since we painted Jaxon's room, we decided to go ahead and paint Alex's while we had the supplies and paint out!

Alex had recently gotten a new Buzz Lightyear bedding set, so we gave Alex a few different color options that matched his bedding and let him pick out which one he wanted.  Because his latest favorite color is blue, he chose a solid blue wall with a green chair rail around the middle of the room.  We decided just to use the same blue shade we used for Jaxon's room - it is a really great shade of blue (not too dark, but not too light either).  For the chair rail, we used a green that was similar to the green on Buzz's space suit - it think the name of the color we used was "Spinach"  :)

He loves his new room and can't stop talking about it!  And even though I complained about doing it (I kept telling Larry that there was so much more I could be doing to get ready for Jaxon, rather than painting Alex's room at 8+ months pregnant), I am so happy with how the room turned out.  Seeing Alex's face light up when he saw it was worth everything!

Here are pictures of Alex's room:



Big Brother/Little Brother

How cute will my two little guy's look in these shirts?!

In my head, I just keep imagining cute little pictures of Alex and Jaxon in their matching shirts...and it makes my heart smile!!

Jaxon's Nursery

Jaxon's nursery is done.  Well, mostly done!  We still need a shelf for above his crib, some books for his bookshelf, a canvas of some sort and a few other decorations.  Most importantly, the big stuff is done, the room is painted and the room is ready for our new little man!

The idea for the paint came from the bedding we found for him.  We chose the bedding Short Latte by Bananafish.  Mostly blues and browns - super cute for a little guy!  We picked out the Legendary crib, dresser and hutch by Baby's Dream.  This is the same brand that we got for Alex.  It should last the boy's for as long as they are in our house.  The bed turns from a crib, to a toddler bed and then into a full size bed.  And finally, we got a great recliner/glider for his room.  I can imagine spending many nights cuddling my sweet son in that chair :)  We hung up chocolate colored black out curtains, along with a valance that matched the bedding.  And also hung up his name that was painted to match the bedding.

The room (as well as all the rest of our house) was a tanish color to begin with.  We decided to keep the tan color on bottom of the room and paint a blue color on the top of the room.  And finished off the walls by putting up a chocolate colored chair rail around the center of the room.

I love the way the room turned out.  It is so calming and so relaxing, just like I imagined!

Here are some pictures of Jaxon's room:

Before - this is the tan color that is painted on the walls throughout the house:

After - Jaxon's crib, glider and curtains:

After - Jaxon's changing table (that was Alex's) and his name:

After - the bookshelf (it definitely needs some books), and the dresser/hutch:

After - his curtains and a certain big brother's bum:

After - Jaxon's crib:

 After - I opened up the curtains so it was a little brighter in the room:

After - his name on the wall (these letters make me so happy):

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Warmer Weather

Neighbors are coming outside, dinners have been delayed and we are soaking in this small taste of spring!

The past week has been so nice outside, we have been trying to go out and enjoy the weather as much as possible.  Alex has been riding his scooter, driving his truck and taking full advantage of his sandbox that has been neglected all winter long.  We have played on our neighbors swingset and trampoline and enjoyed every second of it!

I'm hoping this weather will continue...I love seeing my boy run around outside and play with his friends and I especially love being able to talk with our great neighbors!

Here are a few pictures of how we have been spending our afternoons:

He is getting so good at pedaling his bike - he can go both forwards and backwards:

Yes, I am THAT mom!  I make him put on his helmet and kneepads to ride his scooter!  I am realistic about his (and my own) klutziness:

Larry has a slight obsession with his new-ish Shop Vac...he has shared that obsession with Alex!  My only wish is that he is this excited to clean when he grows up:

Meet Nemo

Alex got a new fish!  A new blue beta fish that Alex quickly named Nemo!

And so far, this fish has survived longer than our first three a few months back!  Nemo has been a part of our family for 5 days so far :)

We got Nemo in an attempt to make bedtime and naptime go a little smoother.  Alex has reached a terrible phase where he is "scared" of everything in his room come bedtime.  We aren't sure if he is becoming more aware of shadows or darkness, but whatever it is he is not a fan of going to bed in his room.  As soon as we finish our bedtime routine (story, prayers, songs and kisses), he starts saying he is scared.  Some nights he will cry and yell for us for 10 minutes, other nights it can be up to 2 hours.  It is exhausting - especially for parents that are used to (read: spoiled by) a great sleeper.  Anyway, back to Nemo....a few nights ago, I had a great idea to get a fish and letting him sleep in Alex's room.  We told him that the fish will help him not feel so lonely and keep a lookout for anything that scares him during the night.  And we may have told a little white lie - something along the lines of "If you yell real loud, it will hurt Nemo's ears and he will be sad"!  So far, nights have gone a little better.  Nemo hasn't "cured" the issue, but at least it has helped to ease a few of Alex's fears and made the crying and yelling just a little bit quieter :)

Here are a few pictures of Alex with his new friend:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jaxon's 4D Ultrasound - Take 2 & Belly Pictures

Today I had my 30 week doctor appointment (I can't believe I am 30 weeks along with this pregnancy)!  Gina tried to scan me again so we could take another look at Jaxon, since he decided he was done about half-way through the first one!

Of course our son decided to be difficult...yet again!  If this is any indication on how he will be in the future, I am in for a world of trouble :)  When she first tried to look at him, he was facing my back and there was NO moving him.  We gave up for a little bit and I went ahead and saw the doctor and we hoped that he would move while I was up and moving around.  After seeing the doctor, Jax moved enough so we could see a little of his face.  Unfortunately, he had the umbilical cord up near his face (it was making him so angry) so we never got a clear shot of him - you can see it on his cheek in most of the pictures.  

In the few pictures we did get, we noticed that he has some very full lips and I am still not quite sure who he is getting those from!  He is estimated to be 3 pounds and 13 ounces - average is around 3 pounds.  His head is measuring 2 weeks ahead - I still can't believe that we might have a child with an average/larger head!

As for me, I am doing pretty well.  Starting to feel VERY pregnant and there are days that I can't figure out how I am going to expand much more.  I have some pretty icky heartburn when I eat any red sauces or sausage - nothing that Tums hasn't been able to help yet!  I have gained 15 pounds total - not too bad for 30 weeks along.  And I am treasuring every kick, roll and punch that Jaxon gives me!  He is so active and I love it.  I think knowing that this will be our last (that we plan) has made me thankful and appreciative for every movement!

Here are a few pictures of our stubborn little man from today:

Look at that sweet face:

His little ear:

Another cute face shot (the mark on his cheek is the umbilical cord):

He was swallowing cute:

Look at those lips!  Where are those coming from?!:

And because I haven't posted any belly pictures yet this pregnancy, here are two from January 23, 2011 - in these pictures I am almost 29 weeks: