Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lazy Sunday Morning...

...before going to church
A sweet picture that I got of my two boys this morning:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

More Dancing

While at the mall today, we got Alex an "Alabama Dinosaur".  We thought that it would play the Alabama fight song (would be the obvious idea since it is dressed up like an Alabama football player).  We were VERY plays some crazy song where the chorus sounds similar to "doctor, doctor help".  It is terrible!

Unfortunately, Alex LOVES this dinosaur and loves dancing around to it.  I got a video of him dancing to it this afternoon.

I'm beginning to question where he gets his moves from...surely it is his daddy, right?!

Jumpy Jump

While we were at the mall today, we saw the trampoline jump thing at the mall.  Alex watched a few kids jump on it and then asked Larry and I if he could do it.  Well, I guess he kind of told us that he was going to do it "Alex do it!"  Larry and I told him okay, but we really didn't think he would actually do it!

As we got closer to it, he got really excited and pulled himself out of his stroller.  They would let us in the area near the trampoline, so our big boy walked in there all by himself and waited on the girl to tell him what to do.  He climbed up on the trampoline and the girl harnessed him in.

When it started, he got the biggest smile on his face and jumped up and down.  He loved it!!  Our little man has NO fear.  How many 2 and a half year olds do you know that would do this?!

And a video :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Outdoor Fun

We had beautiful weather this afternoon, so we decided to take Alex outside to play (like we do most afternoons).  Alex had a great time playing with a bike air pump (it really is the simple things that he enjoys most), ride his red tricycle and using some tools with Daddy!

Since I was long overdue on posting pictures, I took quite a few this afternoon!

Enjoy :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dancing Video

This is a video that I took with my cell phone of Alex dancing around the playroom!  He was dancing to the theme song of Lazytown (the parents out there will understand what I'm talking about)!  The video is a little dark, but you can still see the cuteness!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gigi's Cupcakes

Tonight, we thought it would be fun to give Alex one of Gigi's Cupcakes.  I had went in to buy a cupcake for each of his teachers at Mother's Day Out for a "thank you" gift and since I was there, I couldn't help but get one for me, Alex and Larry.  I got Larry the Red Velvet one, I got myself a Cherry Cordial and Alex got the Kid's Cupcake!  Gigi's Cupcakes are HUGE and have TONS of icing - they are really yummy!  Seriously, if you have never been to Gigi's, you must check out the link to them so you can see just how amazing they look!!

We told Alex that if he ate his dinner he could have his treat.  He ate okay at dinner but kept telling us that he wanted his "pup pake"!  We finally gave in!

I couldn't help but take some pictures of him eating it!  He was hilarious and MESSY!!  He absolutely loved the cupcakes...which will be very obvious when you look at the pictures!

Enjoy :)

Last Day of School

Today was Alex's last day at school at Willowbrook Mother's Day Out!  He started at this school when we moved to Huntsville and has absolutely loved it!

We were blessed with two amazing teachers, Ms. Rene and Ms. Susan!  They have both been patient with Alex and he has really grown fond of both women!  Today when we left, he gave them both big hugs and told them "bye-bye"!

Alex will be attending Willowbrook next year.  He will have two new teachers and move up in class.  Fortunately he will have two girls from this year in his class next year!  I'm glad he will have some familiar faces in the crowd.

He has learned so much and done so well!  His speech has improved greatly, as well as his identification of letters, colors and numbers.  He has made incredible artwork that is proudly displayed around our house and has made great little friends!  We are going to meet up with a few friends for playdates this summer!  He loves music class - his teachers tell me that he always dances and sings along with the music, which he always does at home!  Lucky for him, next year his music teacher will also be his regular teacher!

When I picked him up today his teacher, Ms. Susan, had a CD with pictures on it from Alex's two months in school!  I loved seeing what he does in class and how he interacts with the other kids.  This was such a great gift to the parents (she did one for each student)!

Here are the pictures that I received today:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cell Phone Pictures...Again

I haven't picked up my camera in a few weeks now.  We have been so busy during the day and our afternoons/evenings have been spent outside.  I need to get better about bringing it outside - we have been having some great times with our neighbors that I really need to capture.

Fortunately for all of you, I do carry my cell phone with me all the time!  Here are some good pictures that I have taken over the past few weeks:

Watching TV...foot propped up on his table and rocking in his rocking chair (this rocking chair used to be mine and Larry's grandfather sanded it down and re-stained it for us - looks like brand new):

Fake sleeping on the loveseat:

Blowing bubbles:

Riding his tricycle:

The best seat in the house...on daddy!  Yes, he is smiling with food in his mouth - I will take a smile however I can get it:

Bathtime is serious:

Cheesin' it up for the camera:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Allergy Testing for Larry

As many of you know, Larry has horrible allergies!  In the spring and fall, his nose is constantly stuffy, eyes itchy and all sneezy.  Since moving to Huntsville, they seem to have gotten even worse.  Even with his daily dose (or two) of Allegra, he is still struggling to breathe and feeling pretty miserable.

After weeks of suffering, he finally had a doctor's appointment with an allergy specialist.  As his appointment, they did the skin prick test to him.  During this test, he is injected with serum from common allergens.  If the area where the allergen was injected raises up, he is allergic, if not, he isn't!

This what his arm looked like during the test:

He was tested for 42 common allergies - 25 on one arm and 17 on the other.  He tested positive for all of the allergies that he was tested for, except cockroaches (really, who is allergic to cockroaches or who stays around them to find out if they are?), molds and three different tree types (cedar, pine and jupiter).  Now we definitely have answers as to why he has been so miserable - basically, he is allergic to life!

The doctor gave him a few nose spray prescriptions, an eye drop for the itchiness and was instructed to continue on the Allegra.  We are planning on getting a cover for our mattress, as well as one for his pillows, since he is also allergic to dust mites and the morning seems to be one of his stuffiest times!  If his allergies don't seem to get better from the medicines, he may benefit from allergy shots, but we are holding off on the decision for a few weeks!

Since his appointment (about a week ago), we have noticed so much of a difference.  He is able to breathe through his nose and his head feels much less stuffy.  I felt so bad and so helpless when he was suffering, so I am relieved to feel like he has somewhat gotten it under control!

Our main worry now is whether or not Alex will have allergies!  It feels like it is inevitable given how bad Larry's allergies are and how bad my dad had them.  He has had a few bouts of stuffy nose and watery eyes this spring - they were mostly controlled with a children's over the counter allergy medicine.  We are going to wait and see how he reacts in the coming years before we subject him to allergy testing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Funny Kid

Alex's two new favorite things:

1.  Dancing with Mommy to Dancing with the Stars (it was laundry day...I don't normally have that many hangers lying around)!

2.  Cooking with Mommy!  Yes, he is eating Cool Whip out of the container!  What's the fun of being a kid if you can't do fun stuff like that :)

I just love this kid and everything that he does!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fashion Sense?!

Alex has been showing his independence lately.  He is getting pickier with what he wants to wear.  Often times, he tells us "No, blue shirt" or "Grey shorts, Mama"!  On days when we don't have anywhere to be, I try to let him pick out his outfit.  This is one of his selections:

The top doesn't look so bad!  Sesame Street shirt (complete with all his favorite characters) and visor:

The bottom...not so great!  His orange shorts, brown dress socks and brown dress shoes:

And after he put all this on, he proceeded to tell me "Look good Mommy"!

As much as I love my boy, I am seriously beginning to wonder about his fashion sense.  I pray that it gets better as he gets older!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life These Days

We are slowly, but surely settling in to the new house!  We still have random boxes throughout the house, but I am setting a goal of getting them emptied and out of the house by this weekend (I know, I know…why am I on the internet then?).  The house is coming together and I can’t wait to post pictures as soon as we have everything put away!

We have met some of our neighbors.  The people across the street from us have a 4 year old girl and a 2 (almost) year old boy.  She is a stay-at-home mom and he works for NASA on the arsenal (where Larry works).  We have spent most of our afternoons outside talking with them and letting the kids play.  The really nice thing is that we pull out all the toys from each of our garages and just let the kids play with whatever.  Their kids have taken a liking to Alex’s truck and tricycle and Alex loves riding their tricycle and a Dora bike!  There is also a couple a few houses down that have two little boys, one is 5 and the other is 2 – he was actually born a week after Alex.  They have come and played with Alex a few times.  And yes, if any of you are friends of mine on Facebook you will have noticed that we also have a neighbor named Harley Davidson.  Kind of ironic, huh?!  I just laughed a little when he told us his name J  Our neighborhood is full of kids and young couples – I love it!  The ladies play Bunco once a month – I’m not quite sure what Bunco is, but figure I will give it a try!  Also, our neighborhood has a 5K walk every Saturday morning.  It is a time to come out and meet your neighbors and get healthy.  We haven’t done the 5K walk yet, but we are planning to!  Our community pool will soon be open and I can’t wait to get Alex out there and enjoy it!  It is great living in a neighborhood where Alex can play outside with other kids, Larry and I can meet people that we really like and where we feel a sense of community!

Alex is loving Mother’s Day Out!  He is really thriving and learning so much.  He knows a few letters, knows what sounds they make and can pick the correct magnet letters of his magnet board!  The other day he made me the best present ever.  For Mother’s Day, the kids painted a flower pot and the teachers helped them put a paper flower in it with their pictures on it.  It was adorable!  He looked so cute waiting at the door to give it to me and he was so excited, however last night he decided that he wanted his present back and it was his, not Mommy’s!  I could never understand why my Mom kept all of my little arts and crafts from all of my school years, but now, having Alex, I can’t imagine not keeping these treasures!

I’m back to cleaning up around here!  I just wanted to give you a little update on what we have been up to and how we are doing!  I know that I haven’t been all that great about taking pictures lately – I promise to get better about it!  I know you all are missing out on your Alex “fix”!    Here are a few pictures from my cell phone to tide you over:

Here is my incredible flower pot...I just love how he smiles for his teachers, but he won't smile when I take his picture:

Driving our neighbors tricycle (yes, he is wearing his helmet OVER his hat):

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Uncle Mike!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Mike!

We love you so much and miss you even more!  We really wish we could be down there celebrating your birthday with you (and the day of Larry's "people")!

We hope you have a great birthday - you deserve it!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Diana, Daniel & Zach's Birthday Party

Today, we went to Larry's Aunt Tina's house to celebrate the birthday of three of his cousins...Diana, Daniel and Zach.  Most of Larry's aunts and their children were there!  It was a fun time :)

We ate, watched the kids play games and talked!  We haven't see Tina and Dave in quite a few years, and they had never met Alex, so it was nice to see them and catch up!

Here are a few pictures from the party:

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cousin Mikey!

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

We hope that you have an amazing birthday this year!  We will be thinking of you and wishing we could come celebrate with you!

We love you birthday boy :)