Thursday, May 13, 2010

Allergy Testing for Larry

As many of you know, Larry has horrible allergies!  In the spring and fall, his nose is constantly stuffy, eyes itchy and all sneezy.  Since moving to Huntsville, they seem to have gotten even worse.  Even with his daily dose (or two) of Allegra, he is still struggling to breathe and feeling pretty miserable.

After weeks of suffering, he finally had a doctor's appointment with an allergy specialist.  As his appointment, they did the skin prick test to him.  During this test, he is injected with serum from common allergens.  If the area where the allergen was injected raises up, he is allergic, if not, he isn't!

This what his arm looked like during the test:

He was tested for 42 common allergies - 25 on one arm and 17 on the other.  He tested positive for all of the allergies that he was tested for, except cockroaches (really, who is allergic to cockroaches or who stays around them to find out if they are?), molds and three different tree types (cedar, pine and jupiter).  Now we definitely have answers as to why he has been so miserable - basically, he is allergic to life!

The doctor gave him a few nose spray prescriptions, an eye drop for the itchiness and was instructed to continue on the Allegra.  We are planning on getting a cover for our mattress, as well as one for his pillows, since he is also allergic to dust mites and the morning seems to be one of his stuffiest times!  If his allergies don't seem to get better from the medicines, he may benefit from allergy shots, but we are holding off on the decision for a few weeks!

Since his appointment (about a week ago), we have noticed so much of a difference.  He is able to breathe through his nose and his head feels much less stuffy.  I felt so bad and so helpless when he was suffering, so I am relieved to feel like he has somewhat gotten it under control!

Our main worry now is whether or not Alex will have allergies!  It feels like it is inevitable given how bad Larry's allergies are and how bad my dad had them.  He has had a few bouts of stuffy nose and watery eyes this spring - they were mostly controlled with a children's over the counter allergy medicine.  We are going to wait and see how he reacts in the coming years before we subject him to allergy testing.

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Anonymous said...

Eeee! That looks like it hurt! Emilee's ENT is going to test her in a couple of years. She's had adenoids removed, is on zyrtec, and on goat's milk (due to Josh's lovely cow milk allergy) and she's better, but still gets pretty congested. I dread that day.