Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jumpy Jump

While we were at the mall today, we saw the trampoline jump thing at the mall.  Alex watched a few kids jump on it and then asked Larry and I if he could do it.  Well, I guess he kind of told us that he was going to do it "Alex do it!"  Larry and I told him okay, but we really didn't think he would actually do it!

As we got closer to it, he got really excited and pulled himself out of his stroller.  They would let us in the area near the trampoline, so our big boy walked in there all by himself and waited on the girl to tell him what to do.  He climbed up on the trampoline and the girl harnessed him in.

When it started, he got the biggest smile on his face and jumped up and down.  He loved it!!  Our little man has NO fear.  How many 2 and a half year olds do you know that would do this?!

And a video :)

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The Kritners said...

I can not believe how brave he is!! My heart was skipping beats just watching! GO GRANDSON GO:)