Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Day of School

Today was Alex's last day at school at Willowbrook Mother's Day Out!  He started at this school when we moved to Huntsville and has absolutely loved it!

We were blessed with two amazing teachers, Ms. Rene and Ms. Susan!  They have both been patient with Alex and he has really grown fond of both women!  Today when we left, he gave them both big hugs and told them "bye-bye"!

Alex will be attending Willowbrook next year.  He will have two new teachers and move up in class.  Fortunately he will have two girls from this year in his class next year!  I'm glad he will have some familiar faces in the crowd.

He has learned so much and done so well!  His speech has improved greatly, as well as his identification of letters, colors and numbers.  He has made incredible artwork that is proudly displayed around our house and has made great little friends!  We are going to meet up with a few friends for playdates this summer!  He loves music class - his teachers tell me that he always dances and sings along with the music, which he always does at home!  Lucky for him, next year his music teacher will also be his regular teacher!

When I picked him up today his teacher, Ms. Susan, had a CD with pictures on it from Alex's two months in school!  I loved seeing what he does in class and how he interacts with the other kids.  This was such a great gift to the parents (she did one for each student)!

Here are the pictures that I received today:

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