Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Meet Nemo

Alex got a new fish!  A new blue beta fish that Alex quickly named Nemo!

And so far, this fish has survived longer than our first three a few months back!  Nemo has been a part of our family for 5 days so far :)

We got Nemo in an attempt to make bedtime and naptime go a little smoother.  Alex has reached a terrible phase where he is "scared" of everything in his room come bedtime.  We aren't sure if he is becoming more aware of shadows or darkness, but whatever it is he is not a fan of going to bed in his room.  As soon as we finish our bedtime routine (story, prayers, songs and kisses), he starts saying he is scared.  Some nights he will cry and yell for us for 10 minutes, other nights it can be up to 2 hours.  It is exhausting - especially for parents that are used to (read: spoiled by) a great sleeper.  Anyway, back to Nemo....a few nights ago, I had a great idea to get a fish and letting him sleep in Alex's room.  We told him that the fish will help him not feel so lonely and keep a lookout for anything that scares him during the night.  And we may have told a little white lie - something along the lines of "If you yell real loud, it will hurt Nemo's ears and he will be sad"!  So far, nights have gone a little better.  Nemo hasn't "cured" the issue, but at least it has helped to ease a few of Alex's fears and made the crying and yelling just a little bit quieter :)

Here are a few pictures of Alex with his new friend:

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