Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jaxon's Nursery

Jaxon's nursery is done.  Well, mostly done!  We still need a shelf for above his crib, some books for his bookshelf, a canvas of some sort and a few other decorations.  Most importantly, the big stuff is done, the room is painted and the room is ready for our new little man!

The idea for the paint came from the bedding we found for him.  We chose the bedding Short Latte by Bananafish.  Mostly blues and browns - super cute for a little guy!  We picked out the Legendary crib, dresser and hutch by Baby's Dream.  This is the same brand that we got for Alex.  It should last the boy's for as long as they are in our house.  The bed turns from a crib, to a toddler bed and then into a full size bed.  And finally, we got a great recliner/glider for his room.  I can imagine spending many nights cuddling my sweet son in that chair :)  We hung up chocolate colored black out curtains, along with a valance that matched the bedding.  And also hung up his name that was painted to match the bedding.

The room (as well as all the rest of our house) was a tanish color to begin with.  We decided to keep the tan color on bottom of the room and paint a blue color on the top of the room.  And finished off the walls by putting up a chocolate colored chair rail around the center of the room.

I love the way the room turned out.  It is so calming and so relaxing, just like I imagined!

Here are some pictures of Jaxon's room:

Before - this is the tan color that is painted on the walls throughout the house:

After - Jaxon's crib, glider and curtains:

After - Jaxon's changing table (that was Alex's) and his name:

After - the bookshelf (it definitely needs some books), and the dresser/hutch:

After - his curtains and a certain big brother's bum:

After - Jaxon's crib:

 After - I opened up the curtains so it was a little brighter in the room:

After - his name on the wall (these letters make me so happy):

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