Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alex's First Day of School

Today was Alex's first day of school for the year.  This year, he will be in the 2 1/2 year old class, all of these kids will be turning 3 sometime throughout the year.  At the "meet the teacher" day on Friday, they seemed like a really great group of kiddos!

He will have two teachers again this year, Ms. Amy and Ms. Lynn.  They both seem like amazing, loving women!

All weekend, we have been reminding Alex that he was going back to school - we wanted to get him used to the idea and didn't want him to be alarmed when we took him!  As soon as we pulled into school this morning, he started yelling "my school, my school"!  He was so excited :)

I know he is looking so forward to going to school and playing with his friends.  He loves learning and being around people.  And he absolutely LOVES music on Tuesdays (he usually comes home singing a new song for me)!

Here is a picture of his cheesy grin before leaving for school this morning:

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