Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alex Funnies

Lately, Alex has been cracking me up.  I love this age where they say whatever they want and ask questions that only a 3 year old can get away with :)

I want to remember some of these funny moments, so I can share them with him as he gets older!

Here are a few of the fun things heard around the Cothren house:

Alex (yelling upstairs):  Larry!
Me:  Alex, you call him Daddy!
Alex:  Why, Sarah?  His name is Larry!

Well played son, well played!!


Alex:  Mommy, why is my pee-pee real big in the morning?

Not real sure how to answer this one...I'm open to suggestions :)


While we were all sleeping, we hear Alex start yelling out for "Daddy".

I wake Larry up and send him upstairs to Alex's room.

When Larry gets up to Alex's room, Alex says "Daddy, my feet are uncovered, cover them up!"

Larry covers his feet and Alex falls right to sleep!

Spoiled much?!?


Since finding out we were going to be expecting another baby, we have been trying to get Alex used to the idea of another baby coming into the house.

When we found out the baby was a boy to be named Jax, we include Jax in our talks and remind Alex that Jax is growing in Mommy's belly.

However, according to Alex, this is how the pregnancy is going:

Alex has Baby Jax in his belly.

Mommy has Baby Girl in her belly.

Daddy has Baby Daddy in his belly.

There are times that Alex knows that Jax is coming home from the hospital with us and there are other times when he is convinced we are bringing home a baby girl.

This should be interesting!


The prayers at night in our house have been the following:

God Bless Alex,
God Bless Mommy,
God Bless Daddy,
God Bless Sarah and Larry,
God Bless Baby Jax,
God Bless Baby Girl,
God Bless Baby Daddy,
God Bless Alex James,


Alex is starting to notice the difference between boys and girls.

He told me that he was going to "pray to God to give Mommy boy parts, like him and Daddy"!


Heard at prayer time in the Cothren house two night ago:

Alex:  God Bless Alex, God Bless Larry, God Bless Sarah....
Me:    No Alex, it is God Bless Mommy and Daddy, not Sarah and Larry!
Alex:  That's silly, Mommy!  You aren't God's Mommy and Daddy.  You are Larry and Sarah!

Again, outsmarted by the 3 year old!!


In Alex's Mother's Day Out class, they are growing "capitillers" into "butt-flys".  And when the "butt-flys" are big enough, they are going to let them "out of their net to go to God"!


While watching TV:

Alex: "Mommy, I want to be a movie star!"

Awesome!  Go out there and make us money, kid!

I love this kid!

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