Tuesday, March 31, 2009

18-Month Check-Up

Alex went to see Dr. Whitaker today for his 18-month check-up. I just can't believe my little boy is nearly 18-months olds...where has the time gone?!

As far as Alex's stats - he is growing like a weed!
Weight ~ 24.14 pounds - in the 40th percentile (he is finally gaining a little bit of weight)
Height ~ 33 inches - in the 75th percentile (still tall)
Head ~ 18 inches - in the 20th percentile (still has a small head like his daddy!)

Dr. Whitaker examined Alex like normal. He discovered that Alex has a heart murmur called a Still's Murmur (http://www.larserickson.com/PatientInfo/Murmurs_Stills.htm). Apparently, this is a pretty common murmur in children and they typically grow out of it as they get older! Dr. Whitaker said that he will continue to monitor it as Alex grows, but he does not suspect it will be a problem! He was very pleased with Alex's growth and showed me that he is growing along the same curve he has been growing along since birth. He was happy to hear that Alex is "talking" and learning new words all the time! As always, our visit with Dr. Whitaker was great -we are so blessed to have such a wonderful pediatrician!

Alex also received a shot today - he was not a happy camper! He took it like a trooper and only had a little crying because of it!

All in all, a great visit to the doctor! I love hearing that my little boy is growing and meeting milestones! It makes me feel like we might be getting this parenting thing down :)

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