Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day #2

Today it snowed! And today it snowed a BUNCH!! So much, that Larry didn't have to go into work :)

The weather people were predicting that we would get quite a bit of snow, but I didn't believe them. Afterall, since we moved up here we kept hearing that it would snow and it never really did! It started snowing before we went to bed and we were getting some pretty big flakes. For a couple of people that don't have much experience with snow, it was so neat to watch it fall! In the morning, we woke up and it looked like a winter wonderland. It was beautiful to see everything covered in white snow! Once it stopped snowing in the early afternoon, we had gotten approximately 12 inches of snow - it was CRAZY!!

Since Larry was off of work all day, we waited until it stopped snowing to take Alex out to play in it. We bundled him up and took him outside! He loved it :) Alex had a great time trying to chase Larry through the snow. He mostly was tripping over his own feet and falling face first into the snow, but he was laughing and smiling the whole time! Each time he would fall, Daddy would help scoop him out of the snow - I think that might have been his favorite part!

We took a few pictures of our winter wonderland and our outdoor adventures! Enjoy!

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