Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Larry's New Tattoo

For our anniversary, I got Larry a gift certificate to get a tattoo. Yes, it is a very unconventional gift :)

Larry has been wanting a memorial tattoo for his Pop and Grandma. After having to reschedule his appointment several times, for various reasons, Larry was finally able to get his tattoo today.

The anchor is for Pop, who was in the Navy and the hummingbird is for his Grandma, who loved hummingbirds. I think the tattoo turned out great and I know that Larry is really happy with it!

Here is a picture of it that I took with my cell phone. We plan on taking a better picture of it once it heals.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch! That looks painful! I went with my friend once to get an anchor tatooed on her foot (she was in the Navy) and I thought she was going to die. I'm trying to talk Josh into getting one of these with me. ;) ~Terra