Friday, July 10, 2009

Park and Solomon's Island

Today, Alex and I took Kari to the park. Larry and I have found a great one at one of the Elementary Schools around here, so we decided to show Kari! I brought Alex's four-wheeler, so he was able to ride it around the basketball court in the middle of the playground (as well as the grass fields around the playground). Alex loved having Kari at the park with him - she went on all the stuff with him and rode a couple of slides, too! He would pull her along and tell her to "go, go, go!"

After the park, we came home for some lunch and naptime (Alex, not us)! Larry called us when he got off work and we met him so he could give Kari a tour of his school. She loved being able to see Larry's cubicle, the hangars, the jets and the helicopters. Larry's school is really impressive and I am glad we got to share that with her!

Once we were done with the tour, we went to eat at a seafood restaurant on Solomon's Island. Solomon's is a cute little town just across the bridge - they have little shops, several seafood restaurants, a nice boardwalk, and beautiful homes! The restaurant was great - unlike the two we have previously tried! Alex was pretty good during dinner - he imitated a woman at the table next to us by "sneezing and coughing" into his napkin just after she did! He was VERY entertaining! After dinner, we walked around the island and looked at the amazing houses! The weather was incredible - we were very lucky!

Here are a few pictures from our time at the park and Solomon's Island:

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