Saturday, September 26, 2009

Larry is Home!

After a long, 10-day TPS sponsored field trip, Larry is back in Maryland. His adventures took him to Mesa, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, San Jose, California and Anaheim, California. He was able to fly in an MD-902 (Explorer) helicopter in Arizona, in an Albatross SeaPlane in Nevada, and OH-58C (Kiowa) helicopter in San Jose. In Anaheim, they sat in on the SETP (Society of Experimental Test Pilots) Conference for two days, learning valuable information!

Don't worry, along with all the work that they did, they were able to squeeze in a little fun. While in Arizona, they went to a dueling piano bar and had a great time. In Las Vegas, they enjoyed the nightlife, bars and bands. And finally for sitting in on the conference, all of the students got one free ticket to California Adventures and took advantage of it on Friday evening. They rode the roller coaster several times at California Adventures and rode the Tower of Terror.

While Larry was away, we really missed him...and I think he might have missed us too! We are happy that he had a fun and successful trip :)

Here is a slideshow of pictures from Larry's trip:

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Juls said...

Aww, it looks like he had fun! But I know you're happy he's home