Saturday, June 18, 2011

Earlyworks Museum - Circus Day

Today, we took Alex to the Earlyworks Museum.  In addition to being able to tour the museum (which we had never been to), they were having clowns, carnival games, popcorn, magic shows, face painting and crafts.  Larry and I thought it would be a great Alex, Mommy and Daddy date.

The museum was really neat.  It was very kids friends and very hands on.  Alex had a great time pushing buttons, playing cashier at the "store", harvesting vegetables and wandering through the museum.  Larry and I had a great time watching him explore.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

Alex and Daddy:

Trying on his clown nose:

Playing games:

On the inflatable:

Playing the slingshot game:

I'm pretty sure he was marching here:

Alex and Mommy:

Sarah and Larry:

Getting his face painted:

The finished product - a red nose and a mustache:

Harvesting vegetables:

Singing :)

Playing with the mailbox:

Playing in the store:

Mommy and Alex:

The visor that he made:

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