Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is an extremely emotional and bittersweet day in our house.  This year will be even more bittersweet than in years past.

Today, we will celebrate Larry for being an incredible and amazing Daddy to Alex and Jax.  I love watching him wrestle with Alex one minute and the next minute cuddle and love on Jax.  I have never been more in love with Larry than when I watch him with our two boys.  Larry works hard everyday, but somehow always has enough energy when he gets home from work to play with our sons.  He never lets a day go by when he doesn't tell them or show them how much he loves them.  He helps with parenting responsibilities and doesn't shy away from a dirty diaper (or several).  He will gladly feed Jaxon a bottle at dinner time, just so I can eat a warm meal.  He looks forward to taking Alex and Jax to Alabama football games, Atlanta Braves baseball games and NASCAR races.  He can't wait to create memories with his boys and I can't wait to watch him do it.  Larry makes sure to show his boys how to treat a woman - he treats me with kindness, respect and love.  The same kindness, respect and love that Alex has begun to show me.  I love that Alex and Larry have their own special time together - moments that Alex looks forward to each day (and moments that Jax will look forward to as well).  

We love you Larry and we are so blessed to have you in our lives.  Our boys are so lucky to have you as their father.  I look forward to raising our sons with you.  Thank you for all you do for us!  

Today, we will also remember and honor both of our Dad's (Jim and Larry, Jr.) that were taken from us way too soon.  Both of our father's hold a special place in our heart and our family.  They are men that we love and respect.  And men that we miss greatly.  Our Dad's have helped shape us and guide us both into the people (and parents) we are today - and for that we are eternally thankful to them.  In our boys, we see qualities of our Dad's and I can't begin to explain to you how comforting that is.  Both of us wish that we had the chance to see our Dad's fully enjoy the role of a grandfather, but we know that they are watching over both Alex and Jax all of the time and delighting in the things they are doing.  We know that they watching over them each day.  We love our Dad's and miss them so much.

Today, we are wishing all of the other father's in our lives a very Happy Father's Day.  The men who have helped raise us, have cheered us on, have been there for all of the important (and not so important) moments in our lives.  The men that have stood by us through the hard times.  Men who have played such an important role in our lives and men we are so thankful for.  

We are also wishing our friends a Happy Father's Day.  They are the father's that have inspired us, laughed with us, shared the joy of raising children with us and who are traveling this road along side of us.  We are blessed with an incredible group of friends that we are proud to have in our son's lives!

Happy Father's Day.  Remember to never take your dad for granted - love them while they are here so you can have the memories when they are gone.  Take time today to spend with your Dad.  They are the reason for today.

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