Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Stitches

I know that little boys will get injured and little boys will get hurt, but when it happens to YOUR little boy it just breaks your heart!

Today, we took Alex to the Bridgestreet.  They have a fountain area where little kids can run around and and play in the water.  Good idea, right?!  It started out great.  Alex was having fun, playing in the water and being silly.  In an instant it turned out not so great.  Larry and I looked down at Jaxon's stroller to move it and the next thing we know is Alex runs up to us, telling us he has fallen down and with blood gushing from his chin.  Larry, being the quick thinker, grabs a diaper and holds it to Alex's chin so the blood doesn't get everywhere.  Eventually, we calmed Alex down enough and we were able to look at his chin and realized that it was cut a little more than what a simple band-aid could handle.  We quickly left Bridgestreet and headed to the ER.

At the ER, they numbed him up and stitched him up.  He got 2 stitches on the inside and 6 stitches on the outside.  The nurses and doctor kept commenting on how well behaved he was and how brave he was being.  He just laid there and let them stitch him up like it was something that he has done everyday.

A little funny story about the whole incident:

While we were waiting to be seen by the doctor, another lady came into the room.  I forget what exactly her title was, but ti was one that I didn't recognize.  She told us that she wanted to ask Alex a few questions and explain to him the procedure that he was about to have done.  This is how the conversation went:

Lady:  Hi Alex, I work here at the hospital.  Can you tell me what you did today?!
Alex:  Mommy, what did I do?
Me:  Alex, tell her what happened.
Alex:  I fell down and hurt my chin, right Mommy?
Me:  Yes, Alex.
Lady:  Alex, where did you fall down?
Alex: Where did I fall down, Mommy?
Me:  Alex, where were we?
Alex:  At the fountains.  Right, Mommy?
Me: Yes.

You get the picture.  I was so afraid this lady was from child protective services checking up on us.  All the while, Alex was asking was asking me for reassurance.  I was hoping she didn't think he was being coached in any way.  Fun times.

Turns out the lady works with the hospital and explains to kids what is going on - in ways the child can understand.  She told Alex he would be getting blue strings in his chin to help heal him and showed him a doll that had blue strings in it.  He was able to touch and feel the strings - which helped calm him down a little bit about it.  She also told him that he needed to stay very still so the doctor could put the strings in.

All in all, Alex was such a trooper during the whole ordeal.  He only cried for a few minutes - I was so proud of him!

Here are a few pictures of our time at the fountains, before he fell down and a few pictures while we were at the ER:

At the ER:

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