Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!

Today is Aunt Jenny's birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt Jenny!!

I have always believed that God brings the people into your life that you need.  God knew that I would never have a sister...instead, He gave me someone better.   One day almost 20 years ago, God gave me Jenny!

Jenny is my children's Godmother, my should to cry on, my first phone call when I need to talk to someone (other than Larry), my sounding board, my advice giver, someone who celebrates happy moments with me and grieves in sad moments, my number 2 on speed dial (number 1 is reserved for Larry), my favorite Target shopping buddy, the mother of three of my favorite kids in the world (besides my own), the person who I can be myself around, the person who loves me for me, the person who knows me better than most and most importantly, my best friend.

Jenny is intertwined in most of my childhood memories.  Meeting outside her house the summer we both turned 12 years old.  We shared countless hours on the phone.  We spent so much time at each other's house that we considered each set our second parents.  We had pool parties and sleepovers.   We learned how to drive together - me in my parent's Mitsubishi Eclipse and her in her dad's Izuzu Truck (both parents thought it was important to learn how to drive a manual car).  We watched as each other went through high school relationships and comforted each other when those relationships failed!  We went to homecoming and prom together.  We cheered each other on as we graduated high school.  And we watched as acceptance letters came in from different colleges.  We watched each other grow from little girls into young women.

Our friendship doesn't end with childhood memories and it didn't end with graduation from High School.  Today, Jenny is just as much a part of my every day life.  She is there for me on days that I am missing my parents - knowing that she doesn't need to say anything, just knowing that I need her to be there for me.  She flew to Alabama the day after Jaxon was born and watched with me as he lay in the NICU.  We talk or text daily.  She is involved in my life and the lives of my children.  They know her and they love her - something that is so precious and important to me.  We are navigating our lives through motherhood and adulthood...together!

And our future is already planned.  Girls trips to escape the stress of everyday life.  Laughing as our kids go to school, sharing our worries when they begin driving and watching with pride as they all graduate high school.

I am so thankful that God gave me this friendship.  I am glad that He knew that I would need someone like Jenny by my side, not just through the good times, but also through the bad times.  He knew that our lives would be rocky, but our friendship would help us through those difficult times.  He knew that our laughter would be great together and our memories would be treasured.  He knew that instead of giving me a sister, He would give me a best friend!  And for all of that, I thank Him!

Jenny - Happy 32nd Birthday!  We love you and we are so lucky you are in our lives!  Thank you for being a part of my past, my present and my futures.  Thank you for loving my boys just as much as I do. Thank you for giving me two beautiful nephews and one gorgeous niece!  Thank you for being there for me and for knowing me the way you do.  You are the best friend a girl could ask for :)

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