Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas with the Kritner's (and Worley's)

This year we had Christmas with Larry’s family on Saturday, December 20, 2008. Sheena and Trey got here on Friday (to watch Alex for us while we went to Larry’s work Christmas party) and Becky, Pete and Josh got here on Saturday around noon! Becky, Pete and Josh got here right as Alex went down for his nap, so Larry and I thought that would be a great time for the adults to exchange Christmas presents. We figured it would be a good idea to open presents without having to worry about Alex running around and getting into everything ;) We gave our presents to everyone – I think everyone was happy with what we got them!

After presents, Larry and I got to cooking! We had turkey, ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, orange jell-o and rolls. Like I always, I make enough for a small army (another wonderful trait my mother instilled in me)! We didn’t eat until after Alex woke up – I didn’t want him to miss lunch!

Once Alex woke up, we let him open his presents. He was hysterical! He would rip a piece of paper off a present and say “OH!”, hand me the piece of paper, and repeat the process. We can definitely tell that Christmas morning is going to be a SLOW process! Alex got four sets of Little People, three sippy-straw cups and four outfits from Aunt Sheena and Uncle Trey, a pair of Superman pajamas from Uncle Josh and a tool kit from Grandma Becky and Grandpa Pete.

Since we were opening presents, we let him open his present from Aunt Jenny, Uncle Keith, Kyle and Katelyn – they got him the Little People Raceway! He loves it! He will sit and watch the cars go around and around. He also opened a present from Karen, Tony, Xavier and Jesse Soto – they got him a Fold and Go Train! The little train goes around the track and makes all sorts of “choo-choo” noises! Another hit!

After lunch, we all hung around for a little while watching Alex and his latest antics. He sure does know how to keep a crowd entertained! He would run from person to person and from toy to toy! He loves attention – I certainly don’t know who he got that from (wink, wink)!!

Becky and Pete left around 5 – but, they let Josh stay for an extra day! It was nice to just have the siblings here, hanging out together. It is something that we don’t get too often and something that we treasure when we do get! The boys had a great time playing Xbox together and Sheena and I had a good time hanging out! PJ didn’t come home for the weekend and he was greatly missed.

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