Friday, December 19, 2008

Larry's Work Christmas Party

Larry and I had a chance to get dressed up and go mingle with other adults – it was his annual Christmas party! The attire for the party is formal, so I was able to wear my bridesmaid dress from Sheena’s wedding. Since it was a red color, it was absolutely perfect for the holiday season!

We had already planned to have Christmas with the Kritner’s (and Worley’s), so Sheena and Trey came down early on Friday afternoon to watch Alex for us Friday night! It was nice to not have to worry about Alex – we knew he was in great hands!

It was fun to be able to go and hang out with other adults and have “adult conversation”! We got the chance to hear great advice about Test Pilot School and have a bunch of laughs! We had a great meal, had some pictures taken and we were even able to share a dance! We had a great night!

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