Wednesday, December 31, 2008

15-Month Check-Up

Our original 15 month appointment was scheduled for January 26, 2009, but when we found out that we were moving I called Dr. Whitaker’s office and I was able to get Alex’s appointment changed to December 31, 2008. We love Alex’s pediatrician and all of the nurses, so we wanted to be sure to get in before the move!

We had another EARLY morning appointment. I love appointments first thing in the day because I know that they are usually on time (or close to). When the nurse came in, she took her normal weight, height and head measurements. His 15-month stats are:

Weight – 22 pounds (20%)
Height – 32 inches (85%)
Head – 17 5/8 inches (10%)

He is growing right along the same curve that he has been since birth. He has a small waist and tall legs. Both of which make it difficult to find pants that fit! He can wear 9 month pants around the waist, but he sure does look like he is waiting for a flood! The 12 month pants are just a little too big around the waist, but fit pretty good length-wise.

The doctor came in to talk to us and we told him about our trip to the After-Hours Pediatric office in Florida. He was happy that the doctor there told us just to treat his fever and didn’t try to diagnose him incorrectly with something. Dr. Whitaker made sure to look in Alex’s ears (which were clean), look at his throat (which was slightly irritated, but nothing major) and listen to his chest (which was clear). Because Alex did have a fever of 103 degrees the night before (December 30), Dr. Whitaker did not feel comfortable giving him his shots! I was glad about that because I didn’t want Alex to have to work through a sickness AND work through feeling yucky because of shots. We were told to come back in a week for a nurse visit and shots – as long as his fever was gone!

As always, Dr. Whitaker talked to us about his development. He said that he is doing great developmentally – both physically and mentally. He said that our little boy looks great and we are doing a great job with him! That is something that every parent enjoys hearing!

We let Dr. Whitaker know that we are moving to Maryland and he wished Larry luck and told him congratulations! Alex and I plan on going back to Enterprise for his 18 month appointment on March 31. We figure that it will be a great time to check on the house and go to the doctor. We are going to find a doctor in Maryland “just-in-case” we need someone, but we really like the relationship we have established with Dr. Whitaker and his staff.

I will let you know how the shots go on January 7, 2009!

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