Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alex and his NEW toy box!

Larry and I were tired of the toys that were constantly lying on the floor, so we decided to get Alex a toy box from Toys R Us. We found a nice Step 2 (that is the brand name) toy box. We would like a nice wood one made eventually, but for now this will work!

Last night while Alex was sleeping, Larry and I put the toy box together. Okay, actually Larry put it together and I filled it with Alex’s toys! It definitely was big enough to hold most of the toys that we brought to Maryland (with the exception of the large toys) and it was nice to have the toys off of the living room floor.

When Alex got up this morning, he noticed his toy box! Well, actually he first noticed the basket that I had put all his “Little People” and “Little People” accessories in. He quickly examined the basket and then dumped all the “Little People” out of it! Once he was satisfied with dumping the toys of the basket, he discovered that all the rest of his toys in the toy box. Instead of pulling the toys of OUT of the toy box, Alex decided to climb IN the toy box with the toys! He was able to easily get into the toy box, but getting out was a bit more difficult. Larry had to help him out the first few times, but by nap time he had figured out both getting in and getting out! At one point before bath time, he was in nothing but a diaper and sitting in the opening just watching TV. He had both of his legs out and both of his arms out – he was just perched in the opening! I tried to get the camera to take a picture of him, but when he figured out that I was getting the camera he got down! Smart little kid! He is so crazy sometimes and is constantly keeping us on our toes!

We were initially worried that he wouldn’t understand that you have to pull the toys out and we were worried that he wouldn’t be able to get the toys at the bottom of the toy box. We should have known that he would figure it all out!

We took some pictures of the great adventure with the toy box. The pictures are below in a slidshow. After I got done uploading the pictures from today, I noticed that one year ago today I also uploaded pictures. Larry and I took a quick trip down memory lane looking at those pictures! It is unbelievable how much Alex has grown and changed.

Enjoy the pictures from today!

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