Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!!

Today it snowed!!

Each week since we have been here, snow has been predicted but has never come! Today it FINALLY snowed! We woke up about 7:30 to a light snow and by the end of the morning it picked up quite a bit!

Alex and I went outside to play in the snow after he woke up from his nap! I bundled him up in sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt, his big puffy jacket, gloves and a hat! He was a little angry with me for bundling him up so much, but once we got outside I think he figured out the reason why! At first, we played in the snow on the porch, but I quickly discovered that it was pretty difficult keeping our active toddler from trying to wander down the stairs. After Alex chased Buckwheat around the porch and loving it, I decided to take him to the backyard and let him run wild!

He had a great time running around the backyard! He was running full speed ahead. He would fall down every few feet, pick himself back up and keep running! It was so much fun to hear his little laugh – I love that laugh!

Oh, another highlight of our outdoor adventures – Alex LOVED playing in the snow on the stairs of the deck! He had a great time playing with the accumulated snow on the steps! Who knew that could be so much fun?!

After spending so much of my life in Florida and not seeing snow, it was really neat to be able to experience it! I loved seeing everything covered in white snow – it really did look beautiful! I’m glad that Alex got to run around and play in the snow – while he probably will never remember it, I at least have pictures! The only thing missing from our day – Larry! He was at school, so he didn’t get to play in the snow with us – we missed him. Hopefully, it will snow one weekend day and he will be here with us!
Here are some pictures that we took today:

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