Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stay Safe, Uncle PJ! We love you!

Uncle PJ is leaving today for Iraq, but we were lucky enough that that he had a seven hour layover at the Washington-Dulles airport. Larry, Alex and I went to spend a few hours and have dinner with him! We were really happy to be able to see him and spend some time with him before we left!

PJ hadn't seen Alex since October for Sheena's wedding, so he was amazed with how much he has grown! He couldn't get over how quick he was running around and all of the things that he was saying! Alex told Uncle PJ all the animal noises that he knows and showed him where his belly button is and where his nose is! Alex also made sure to give Uncle PJ plenty of hugs and kisses!

We are so proud of PJ for serving our country! We are both proud of him and honored that he is our brother (and uncle)! We will miss PJ, but we know that he will stay safe and that God will protect him! We love him so very much!

Please include PJ in your thoughts and prayers!

Here are a few pictures of our adventure at the airport:

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The Kritners said...

Thank you three so much for spending time with PJ! It warms our hearts to see our kids together! As parents not being able to be there to see him off was hard, but these pictures sure did help! Kiss & hug our grandson please! He is beautiful! Love, Pete & Becky