Sunday, April 5, 2009

TPS Tour & Park Time

Larry is able to take any of our visitors on a tour of TPS. He is able to show you the school and the hangars – you are able to look at the jets and helicopters up close and personal. It is really neat because you are able to see where Larry is spending most of his time while we are up here. If you are planning a visit to see us and you want to see Larry’s school, please let us know!

That totally just sounded like an advertisement for TPS or something…didn’t it?!

Back to the point of all that – when Jenny, Keith, Kyle and Katelyn were visiting us, Larry scheduled a tour of his school for them today! Kyle was SO excited to see the helicopters and jets. Larry first showed them the actual building that he goes to school in (not really much to see, but afterwards you know where Larry is spending MANY hours a day)! Once we got done with that, we were able to tour the hangars. We were able to see the jets and helicopters that TPS uses – Kyle was in amazement the whole time that we were in the hangars! After looking around the hangars, we were able to go in one of the jets outside of the hangars. It was huge plane that I will have to get the name of from Larry. The boys loved looking around in it!

After the tour of TPS, we went to a really nice park on base. We let the kids run around and run off some of their energy. Alex loved the time at the park – going UP slides, climbing on everything, swinging in the swings and falling face first in the dirt. For some reason he decided to go down the slide on his belly and when got to the end and was stopped he propelled himself onto the ground! He was fine, just a little dirty. Larry eventually got a football out of his car and the little guys had a great time running after it and “tackling” each other. Since Jenny and I have been friends for so long, I love seeing our boys run around with each other – it is something we always talked about growing up and so nice to see it happen in reality!

Here are some pictures from the TPS tour and our time at the park:

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