Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alex-isms Part 1

I am sure that as Alex continues to grow and explore his words, I will have more installments into "Alex-isms". Today though, I had to share one with you all that had Larry and I laughing hysterically!

Alex has a little fetish with having shoes or slippers on his feet. He loves having them on. It is rare to catch this child without shoes, slippers or socks. In fact, he has four pairs of slippers (seriously, a 2 year old boy with four pairs of slippers...silly kid)!

Well, I finally broke down the other day and got myself a pair of slippers (they are definitely not the cutest things, but they are warm and comfy). I have been wearing them around the house since I got them. Yesterday morning, I had taken them off and put my bare feet on the couch. Alex quickly noticed it and brought the slippers to me, began to put them on my feet and was telling me "shoes mama, shoes!" I told him that I didn't want to wear my shoes because my feet were hot. Being the insanely smart kid that he is (slightly biased), he put the slippers back on the floor and started blowing on my feet. Yes, blowing! We started teaching him how to blow on his food when it is hot and apparently he is associating that with anything that is hot!

Too funny! This child definitely keeps us laughing and on our toes!

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Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

He has more slippers than I do. *sigh