Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nothing More Fun...


Tonight, while were in Florida, Alex finally got to open his presents from Amanda and Josh and from Aunt Kristy and Unce Mike.

Amanda and Josh got Alex a rack with several puzzles on it. Alex LOVED it. He was able to put the puzzles together within a few minues - a genius perhaps?! Thanks to Amanda and Josh for getting Alex such a fun and educational present.

Aunt Kristy and Uncle Mike got Alex several presents: Toy Story Plate, Toy Story Bowl, Toy Story Straw freezy cup, a miniature snow globe with the name "Alex" on it, a super huge tent and the best present of all, ELEFUN!

Of course we set up Elefun as soon as he opened it and it was so much fun watching the joy on his face. I have a bunch of pictures and three videos of the Elefun :) I just love hearing his laughter and seeing his joy as he plays this game! Thank you so much, Aunt Kristy and Uncle Mike for giving us this gift that is already creating such incredible memories! Enjoy!

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