Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day of School

Our little boy is growing up!

Today, Alex went to school for the first time! It is only a Mother's Day Out program and it is only from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm on Monday, but none the less, it is school and it is away from me! He will play with other kids, have lunch, hopefully learn a few things along the way and take a nap there! A long day for him, but sure to be an exciting one!

Last night, we told Alex that he was going to school today, that he was going to play with other kids and toys and that he was going to have fun. He seemed to be somewhat excited...mostly because we said kids and toys!

I have to admit, I had quite a nervous streak last night. I wondered if he would hate it, if HE would be nervous, if he would think I just abandoned him, if he would like the kids, if he would play nice with others and how his day would go. Larry assured me that he would be okay and that he would have so much fun! I packed his little lunch last night and got a little teary eyed because it hit me that my baby wasn't a baby anymore!

This morning started a little rough. Our power was out and Alex was in a VERY grumpy mood. He brightened up a little when we put his backpack on him and gave him his lunchbox! He was not a fan of all the picture taking though (I, however, did not care that he didn't like it, it is an important day and must be documented)!

Once we got to the school, he was so excited! He held his Daddy's hand (yes, Larry went into work late on his first day back so that way he could take Alex to school with me) and was smiling the whole way. When we got to his classroom to drop him off, he went right to his teacher and started playing with the puzzles that were laid out. Seriously, the kid acted like he had been doing this his whole life - he amazes me some times! There were no tears shed (well, not by Alex), he was such a brave little man and I couldn't have been prouder.

Me, on the other hand - I am patiently waiting for 2:30 to get here. I miss him and I can't wait to get him from school! It is nice to have a few hours to myself and to be able to run some errands without getting him in and out of the car, but so much of my day is about Alex and it feels weird not to have him with me!

I know this is a great thing for him. He is learning so much more than I can teach him here (how to share, how to behave in a class setting and how to be independent).

I promise to update later this afternoon about his day and how he did - I can't wait to share how his first day went!

Here are a few pictures of our morning:


Alex did great :) I am so proud of him! He ate good (something he doesn't do at home), played with the other kids, colored a picture and layed down during naptime! He didn't nap, but we weren't really expecting him to on his first day - I'm just happy that he rested and didn't disturb the other kids.

His teacher did tell me that he had a little trouble sharing, but she said that is something to be expected on his first day. He isn't used to sharing toys with anyone else, so it is a foreign concept for him! Once they told him to share he did though!

All in all, he had a great day at school. This school follows the Enterprise school system calendar and the kids have off next week for Martin Luther King day, so Alex doesn't go back until January 22nd. I'm sure he will do just as good that day!

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