Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This year Halloween was so much fun!  Alex had a blast and really got into trick or treating - I'm thinking the candy that people gave him was a pretty good incentive for participating in the holiday :)

Alex dressed up as Scooby Doo.  We got the costume last year when he was REALLY into Scooby.  Thankfully, this year he loves Scooby Doo just as much!  Most of the day, he asked us when it was time put on his costume and go trick or treating.  We kept telling him that we would put it on after dinner - as soon as dinner was over, he was racing to the closet and reaching for his costume!

After he got dressed, posed for a few pictures and grabbed his trick or treat pumpkin, the three of us went to a few houses on our street.  It was great seeing him say "trick or treat" to get his candy and then "thank you much" after he got some!  I went home after the first couple of houses to give our trick or treaters some candy and Larry took Alex out to a few more houses.  When they returned home, Alex had a big smile on his face and a full bucket of candy - he was a happy kid!

Here are a few pictures of our cute little Scooby Doo:


Silly kid:

I just love this little Scooby bum:

Showing me his light from Grandma Karen:

Cute kid:

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