Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tate Farms

We went to our local Pumpkin Patch today and had a great time!  The pumpkin patch was full of so many fun things for kids and yummy treats for adults and kids :)

Alex had his face painted, played in the corn pit, went down the huge slide, played in the water with his rubber duck, pet a few animals, rode a tractor ride, played in the cotton field and had an absolute blast!  We spent about 2 hours at the pumpkin patch before the heat got to us - it was unseasonably hot and didn't quite give us the "fall" pumpkin patch experience we were hoping for ;)

As always, it was so much fun sharing these moments with our little boy!  I love creating memories like this that we will remember for years to come!

Here are some pictures from our fun morning (warning - there are a lot of pictures):

Getting his face painted...he sat so still:

The finished product:

Alex the Scarecrow:

Playing in the corn pit:

Daddy sliding down the slide:


Petting a goat in the petting zoo:

Alex sliding down the big slide...this kid has no fear:

Watching his rubber duck in the water race - he could have stayed here all day long:

Riding in the tractor:

Waving to his fans:

Playing in the cotton field:

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