Thursday, January 6, 2011

Alex's New Train Table

This year for Christmas, when Larry's Dad and Grandfather asked what Alex wanted for Christmas we instantly told them that he would love to have a train table.  We had looked at several different ones on the internet, but couldn't find one that we loved!  The tables we found were either too small, not the right style or just not what we were envisioning in our head!  We asked his Dad and Grandfather if they wouldn't mind making one for us for Alex's Christmas present this year.

Once we got the dimensions to them, they started work on it.  The finished product is wonderful!  Alex loves it...and so do we!  The table is 3 feet by 5 feet and fits perfectly upstairs in the playroom (we have moved it since we took these pictures).  They made a space for me to put some bins underneath it for more storage (bins have been added since the pictures were taken as well).  Right now, Alex has a few GeoTrax sets on the table!

Not only is the table what we were picturing in our head, but we are blessed that Larry's Dad and Grandfather would take the time to make something so special for our boy.  I know that he will get many years of use out of it!!

Here are some pictures:

Alex's train table:

Saying Cheese while playing:

Playing with his Geotrax:

The train table:

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