Thursday, April 7, 2011

Newborn Pictures

On Monday, we had Kim Greenfield from a green field photography come over and take Jax's newborn pictures.  We didn't do this with Alex and I deeply regretted it.  I especially regret it now that I have seen how amazing Jaxon's pictures turned out.

We had a few pictures taken with Alex and Jax.  They turned out so cute!  Alex wasn't all that cooperative since he felt icky (snotty nose, sore throat, etc), but the few that she got were great!  For most of the pictures, Jaxon was asleep.  It was great because it allowed us to pose him however we wanted...and pose him we did!!  I also had her take a few pictures of Jaxon holding my mom and dad's crosses (that they were wearing in the accident) and their wedding rings.  Kim posted one of the crosses and I am so anxious to see the rest of them!

I am waiting to get the full CD of images from Kim, but in the meantime she posted a few previews to her website.  I wanted to share her website and also recommend her to anyone in the Huntsville/Madison area.  She takes amazing pictures and captures wonderful moments!  This is the second time that we have had Kim take pictures for our family - the first was in October for Alex's third birthday!

Here is the link to her blog with Jax's pictures:  Dreamy Jax

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