Monday, February 15, 2010

Sick, Sick Little Boy

For the past two days, Alex has been unusually grumpy and moody. He has also had some chest congestion and a deep cough.

We weren't too worried about it until last night, when he had a miserable night of sleep. I had to go in several times to rock him back to sleep and comfort him. Then when he woke up this morning - crying and telling us "ear hurt, kiss Momma" or "hurt ear, kiss Daddy"! It was pitiful. He was doing all he could to to stay awake, even though he wanted to go to sleep.

We called the doctor and they went ahead and told us to come in. We were supposed to be at the doctor for a 10:00 am appointment. At 11:00, I finally asked what was going on and why it was taking so long - apparently they lost our ticket (basically bad communication between the front and back office). Luckily for us, Alex was feeling so miserable and he slept during the wait - he was so pitiful:

Once we were taken back, the Nurse Practitioner looked Alex over. He did have a fever of 102, he did have a nasty cough and chest congestion (but luckily it hasn't spread to his lungs...YET) and he did have an ear infection. He got a prescription for an antibiotic and for a cough/congestion medicine. We were also told to alternate between tylenol and motrin every three hours.

Then on the way home from the doctor's office, Alex slept...AGAIN. He did eat a few bites of his burger and some french fries before nap. I was also able to get his medicines filled and get a dose in him before naptime. He slept like a champ during naptime. In fact, we even had to go and wake him up at 4:15 pm.

I do have to say amidst all of this, we are throughly enjoying the extra snuggle time. And we are quite please with ourselves that this is the first ear infection in 2.5 years of Alex's life :)

Please send some good thoughts for our little boy - we certainly can use them and we will certainly appreciate them!

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