Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Enterprise, Alabama!

Well, the weather reports were right...we did get snow here in Enterprise, Alabama!

If I had to guess, we probably have gotten around 4 inches of snow - it is absolutely beautiful!

Larry woke up and it was only raining, so he went into work. Shortly after leaving the house, the rain turned into snow. He was told to go home around 9:30 am, so we were able to have Daddy home to play in the snow with us :)

The snow fell most of the day, sometimes in big, beautiful, fluffy flakes and sometimes just small, drizzle-like flakes!

Alex and Larry went outside and made a giant (well, giant to Alex) snowman, complete with a flight helmet. They made snow angels, had a snowball fight and had so much fun! As always, I supervised and took pictures :)

Here are a few pictures that I took with my cell phone camera:

Dressed in his warm clothes - I just love this hat:

Playing in the snow:

Rolling up the body for the snowman:

Yes, our snowman is wearing a flight helmet:

The new snow:

Here is a slideshow of pictures:

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