Tuesday, February 9, 2010


...to someone for a gift for Alex! No, I'm not being coy about who sent it....we really don't know who it was from :)

Yesterday, we received the cutest little gift for Alex. It is called "Blocks in a Box" and personalized with his name on it.

The shipping label states that it was shipped from a shipping company in Niceville, Florida, but there was no invoice in the box to tell us who sent this super cute gift to Alex. I sent e-mails and texts to everyone that I could think of asking who sent it...no
one knew! It is still a mystery to us!

Whoever you are (and I hope you read our blog), THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PRESENT FOR ALEX!!! It was such a nice surprise to receive a gift like this in the mail - especially when we weren't expecting it! If you did send Alex this gift, will you please comment on this post so we can properly thank you :)

Here are some pictures of Alex's "Block in a Box":


Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

okay. i'm officially coveting this box. maybe someone will secretly send one for Sam.

Sarah said...

I know, Stephanie! It is super cute and no one is claiming it :) I love it and so does Alex! Maybe Alex's gift giver will send one to Sam!!