Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alex's New Fish Tank

Yesterday, I went out while Alex was at school and got him a fish tank.  I bought the tank, de-chlorinator, bacteria, fish, a few plants, some rocks and a Dora figure.  I came home and set it all up before he got home from school.

I was thinking that I was such a superstar Mom when he came in and was beaming at the tank and his new fish.  He pointed each one out (there were three), told me what colors they were (red, yellow and orange) and stared at it for quite awhile!

His happiness was very short-lived.  The fish were all dead within 12 hours.  Apparently, my brown thumb not only is with the plant world, but it also extends to aquatic life!

Lucky for me though, he is pretty enamoured with just the tank.  It has colored LED lights in it and he can turn a dial and change the colors.  He enjoys that!

I also plan on taking advantage of the two-week return policy on the fish.  Currently, they are still dead and sitting on our counter waiting to be returned to PetSmart!

Here are a few pictures of Alex's Fish Tank...before the fish died:

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