Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter - from our family to yours!

I have to be honest....with the move and everything going on in our lives, we completely forgot that Easter was coming so quickly!  When I spoke with our realtor, Susan Baldwin, the day before our final home walk-thru, she asked what our plans were for Easter.  I asked her when Easter was and she told me that it was this coming weekend.  I told her that I had absolutely no plans and that the Easter bunny may not be visiting our house this year.  She told me not to worry, that she would take care of a basket and eggs for Alex.  We are so grateful to have found her - she has been an absolute blessing to us!

At our walk-thru, she arrived and did not disappoint.  She had a beautifully wrapped and filled Easter basked for Alex.  She also had about two dozen plastic eggs that she had filled with candy and money for Alex.  We are so thankful for her kindness - it definitely alleviated a little stress from my life!

On Easter Eve (is that even what it is called?), we hid the little plastic eggs around the house and set out Alex's Easter basket!

Easter morning, Alex woke up and started to find the eggs hidden around the house.  At first, he would open an egg, get so excited at the contents and forget that there were more eggs to be found.  Eventually, he realized it was a much better idea to collect all the eggs and THEN open them up to find his treasures.   He loved the candy filled ones - and ate several before he ate breakfast.  As he opened the ones filled with money, he would take the coins (or dollar bills) out and say "my money"!  His Easter basket was sitting on the coffee table and once he discovered it, he could hardly wait to tear into it!  More chocolately, candy goodness - my boy definitely has a sweet tooth!!

Here are some pictures of Easter morning:

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Because he had a great time hunting and finding the Easter eggs, while Alex was taking his afternoon nap Larry and I decided to re-fill the Easter eggs from his morning hunt (yes, we re-used the candy) and re-hide them in the yard! It was perfect weather and we knew that we would be outside most of the afternoon anyway!  

Once he woke up, he was so excited to run around the yard and find more eggs! He got just as excited each time he found one and didn't seem to notice that we recycled the Easter candy from that morning! he ran around the yard collecting eggs. Once all the eggs were found and more chocolate was consumed, he rode his truck around the yard, played with his golf clubs and played tee-ball!

Here are some pictures of Easter afternoon:

We hope that you all had a wonderful Easter filled with love, family and friends!

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