Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Trip to the ER

Today was our first trip to the ER.  I'm sure with a daredevil for a child, this is only the first of many!

Alex and I were playing in the playroom upstairs, throwing a ball back and forth.  I threw the ball to him, he stumbled backwards and hit the side of his head on a chair.  Normally, if Alex falls down or gets hurt he cries a little and then stops and continues to do whatever he was doing.  This time, he let out an ear piercing scream and clung to me harder than he ever has.  He was crying so hard and holding on to me, that he wouldn't let me look at him to see what was wrong.  I took him into his room and saw that he was bleeding, both on me and on himself.  In one of my not-so-bright mom moments, I wiped off the cut behind his ear with a baby wipe, hoping to clean some of it off and to be able to get a better look.  He screamed louder!  After that I decided to call our neighbor Jess to take a look at his ear.  Since it was in the crease behind his ear, I made the decision to take him into the ER.

Larry (and Sheena since she was working at the hospital) met us at the ER.  He was so calm in the nurse triage area and the waiting room (completely unlike Alex).  He let the doctor look at his ear and told her "ear hurts".  It was so pitiful!  

Once the doctor looked at it, she told us that it wasn't as bad as it seemed and told us they would put a little numbing medicine on it, clean it up and put some skin glue on it.  About 5 minutes after they put the numbing medicine on it, he was back to normal and telling me that he was "hungy".  He fell 15 minutes before lunch, so we left the house without eating...the poor kid was starving!  I gave him a few snacks, some juice and waited for the doctor to come in a clean up his ear.  After cleaning it up, they put a little skin glue on his cut and we were out of the ER.  

All in all, we had a pretty good scare, we were at the ER for about 2 hours and we probably spent $100 on a bottle of super glue!  Not the best way to spend a Tuesday afternoon, but I am so glad that it was nothing more serious and hope that any future ER visits go this smoothly :)

Here is a picture of our little trooper all bandaged up:

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