Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Alex...

We use this blog to document our family life and also let our friends and family know what is going on with us.  I decided to go ahead and document some of the things that Alex has been saying lately.  I want to write this down, so when we are having a bad day, I can look back to see what he has been saying and how much joy he brings to my life.  I also think he will love seeing things that he said when he grows up!  I'm going to just add to this list as we go...I'm sure it will be updated frequently! 

He has been cracking me up and saying such incredibly unexpected and funny things.  Here is a sample of some of the things that he comes up with:

Sarah:  What letter is that?
Alex:  A
Sarah:  No, I think that is an S.
Alex: Well, yeah Mama!
(I love that he is so matter-of-fact with me)

Loudly in Target yelling "bum wipes, Mama" - he was talking about the adult Cottonelle wipes.

"Look Mama, garbage truck!" - He was talking about a Hummer in the parking lot of Target.  Apparently he was not impressed with it :)

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