Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Few Funny Stories...

Alex has been extremely "helpful" today.  Yes, I am using the term helpful very loosely :)

He decided to feed the dogs a snack after breakfast...all by himself and spilling the food all over the floor in the process.  After he did that, he was trying to push the dogs over to the right dog bowls to eat (they weren't hungry at all and were not very willing)!  Buckwheat started to eat out of a green bowl that we have.  Alex informed him "no are black, you eat out of the black bowl"!  Good to know!


I went to the bathroom and when I came out, Alex wasn't in the living room but the backdoor was open.  Not a good combination!!  I walk over to the door and Alex is sitting in the yard telling the dogs to come outside and go potty.  The dogs were standing in by the door looking at Alex like he is absolutely nuts :)  Needless to say, the door has been locked all day!!


And finally, for the really fun story....

We are working on potty training with Alex.  He does not like underwear (well, he doesn't like being naked either...but that is another story for another day)!  His reasons for not liking the underwear vary - one time it is because they are a "little bit too dirty" and another time it was because they "hurt my pee-pee" (yes, both of those responses came yesterday right before our "incident")!

I made him sit around naked because I was not putting a pull-up on him.  He finally calmed down about being naked and was sitting on the floor watching TV.  I noticed he was playing with his boy parts, but that isn't really abnormal when he is wearing underwear or being naked!  Before I knew it, Alex was standing in front of me with his finger under my nose telling me to "smell my stinks"!  My child had taken his finger, stuck it UP his behind and then put it under my nose for me to smell!

...and I have another boy coming?!  This is going to be interesting :)


Anonymous said...

Boys are so much fun, and just think you have a lot of more fun and games coming your way.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

This is just hilarious. Not as funny is my version. In which the part of Alex is played by my husband.

Never, EVER smell the finger. Ever.