Saturday, November 6, 2010

Train Ride

Larry, Alex and I went on a train ride put on by the North Alabama Railroad.  Alex was so excited to go that he woke up telling us it was time to go to the choo-choo.

When we pulled up, he started saying "going on choo-choo train"!  We were there a little early, so it gave us some time to stand around and wait...ha ha!  Alex, of course, made friends with a few boys there.  They were running around a wooden platform and playing tag :)

Eventually, it was time to get on the train.  Once we got inside the trainccar, we quickly found our seats. The announcer came on and told us a little about our ride, the rules and regulations for being a good train rider and a little history about the train and depot.

After the ride started, Alex loved it!  He was so excited to see out the window and look for the "animals" that the railroad people put out there for kids to find!  We looked at the beautiful scenery around us.  And we waved to cars that were waiting on us to pass thru intersections.

We had a great family day - enjoying each other's company and trying out something that none of us had ever done before!

Here are a few pictures of our train ride:

Our train:

Alex pointing at our train:

Our train, again:

Hiding behind Daddy:

Loving on Daddy:

Riding on Daddy's back:

Daddy and Alex on the train:

Alex is excited:

Looking out the window:

Showing Daddy all the sights:

Love this face:

Daddy and Alex:

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