Thursday, December 30, 2010

Citrus Bowl Parade

Little known fact:  I am a Michigan State Spartan fan (my grandfather and my dad both went to college there), Larry is a HUGE Alabama fan (well, that isn't a little known fact).

Normally, this little known fact is not a problem for our relationship.  Michigan State is in the Big Ten and Alabama is in the SEC.  They have never played  each other...until this year!  This year, based on their records for the year, they were scheduled to play at the Capital One Bowl in Orlando on January 1, 2011.  Because we were going to be in Orlando for Disney, we decided that it would be really fun to go to the game!  We also found out about a few of the festivities surrounding the game and thought they might be fun to attend also.

The first thing we were able to go to is the Citrus Bowl Parade on December 30, 2010.  Alex had never been to a parade before, so we thought that it would be really fun for him.  There were floats that were decorated all with Citrus fruit, both of the teams bands played and the mascots were there, high school bands from across the country were there and there were also people throwing necklaces and candy (Alex's favorite part)!

Alex was making friends with the people we sat near and dancing for the crowd.  Our kid really never meets a stranger!  I think he had a great first parade and Larry and I had a really good time, too!

Here are a few pictures from the parade:

Larry and I before the parade started showing our team pride:

A few of the floats:

Big Al and the Million Dollar Band (from Alabama):

Alex was asking the little girl next to us if she was okay because she covered her ears while the bands were walking by:

Another float:

Sparty and the Michigan State University Band:

A float:

Our little dancing fool (yes, he was wearing his bandana from his Pirate Day at Disney):

Another picture of Larry and I taken by the people at

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