Thursday, December 16, 2010

Garth Brooks Concert

My friend, and neighbor, April had an extra ticket to the Garth Brook concert in Nashville.  She asked if I wanted to go with her (ok, really I noticed that on Facebook she posted she had an extra ticket, so I begged her to go with her :) ).  I had an amazing time!  I had so much fun at the concert and with April. Even thought I knew that she was a pretty great person, this just solidified my thoughts on that!

The concert was incredible.  Garth sang all of his older and popular songs - the ones you know by heart!  At one point Tricia Yearwood came out and sang a song with Garth and then sang one of her own songs.  The concert itself exuded energy and I am still blown away with how much energy that man has!

The night was a blast.  Oh, and a special thank you to Larry for taking care of our sick/feverish little man so I could go have some fun!!

Here are a few pictures from the night:

Garth from our seats:

Garth on the big screen in front of us:

On the floor:

April and I - cute picture minus the fingers behind us.  I might have to have someone photoshop them out for me:

April's friends, Sarah and Todd:

Garth and Tricia:

Garth and Tricia on the big screen:

Garth on the big screen:

Garth on the floor....saying goodnight:

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