Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas

This year, we had a White Christmas!  For this girl who was raised in Florida, it was absolutely beautiful :)

I started coming down with a pretty icky chest cold on Christmas Eve, so I wasn't able to get out and enjoy the snow like I wanted to!  When Sheena, James and Ava came over to celebrate Christmas, they took Alex out and built a snowman with him.  He had a great time...until later that evening when the snowman started to melt and he was devastated!  Sheena took some pictures of their snowman and the kids playing in the snow - I will post those when she sends them to me!

It was so neat waking up on Christmas morning and having everything blanketed in white snow.  The snow continued through most of the day - for North Alabama, we got a pretty good amount!

Here are a few pictures I took Christmas morning:

The front of the house on Christmas morning:

The backyard:

Our polar bear...he was actually skiing on snow:

 The front of the house again:

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