Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Alex had his first day of preschool today!  He was so excited to go!  I love that I have a child that is excited for things like this - it makes dropping him off so much easier :)

He has a new teacher this year.  Her name is Mrs. Butler (often times he calls her Mrs. Butter).  She seems like a wonderful, loving woman and I am so happy that Alex is in her class.  She also has two aides in her class.  Mrs. Corning helps out on Tuesday and Thursday and Mrs. Chaplin (Amy - his teacher from last year) helps out on Wednesday.  We are so glad that Amy is in his class.  Alex absolutely adores her and it is so nice to have a familiar face around :)

When I dropped Alex off at school this morning, he walked right in and put his bag on the hook and lunch bag on the floor.  He acted like he owned the place - of course that is nothing out of the ordinary for Alex!  After he sat down, he asked Mrs. Butler where the bathroom was.  She pointed it out (it is in the classroom) and asked him if he needed to go.  He told her "no, I was just checking for when I will need to use it later"!  Ha - always prepared!

In his classroom this year, they are all about independence.  He carries his own bag, goes to the bathroom when he needs to, cleans up toys, plays independently (as well as in the group) and he is even able to do car pool (no need for me to drag Jax in and out of the car to drop off and pick up Alex).  I love that they are teaching him these things, but also a little sad because it means that my little man isn't so little anymore!  He is growing up and I can't stop it!

He also will have chapel this year on Wednesdays.  They will get to go into the church sanctuary, learn about Jesus and learn to pray.  I am so excited for this.  He has such love in his heart for Jesus and loves learning about Him.

I went in to pick him up today (this morning he told me to come in and pick him up because he was "just not ready for the car pool line") and Mrs. Butler told me that he was a wonderful little boy and that he cleaned up after himself without even being asked to.  She said that they really enjoyed him.  Apparently he is quite the social butterfly too.

When we got in the car today, he told me all about his day.  He was so proud of the handprints he made, told me all about eating his lunch, playing with his friends and he told me about hanging out with all his friends from last year on the playground!  He even told me that he thinks that he is ready to try the carpool tomorrow because he is a "big boy" now :)

I am so happy he enjoyed his first day and I am so hopeful that he will be this excited the rest of the year!

Here are a few pictures that we took this morning before we left for school:

Ready for school:

Mommy and Alex:


Love that they are holding hands in this picture :)

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