Monday, August 1, 2011

Soccer Practice, Double Rainbow and Captain America

Soccer Practice:

In preparation for Alex's upcoming Soccer season, we got him a soccer ball, cleats, shin guards and socks.  Well, of course he had to try them all out.  We suited him up and let him loose in the backyard to "practice" his soccer skills.  Fortunately for us, we discovered that he isn't all that bad.  Of course, he does have my gracefulness and falls down pretty frequently, but if we can get that under control, the boy  actually isn't too bad at soccer.  He kicks the ball pretty well and even dribbles it better than I expected :)

Here are a few pictures:

Such a crazy kid:

Kicking it around the yard:

Super Star:

Had to take a break to cry about how far away the soccer ball was:

Pretty good form, right?

I think Daddy and Alex were practicing hitting it off his head.  Not really a requirement for soccer, but something Larry thoroughly enjoyed:

Double Rainbow:

After practicing soccer, we went out front to play in the driveway.  While we were sitting there, we noticed a double rainbow.  It was absolutely beautiful - my pictures do not do it justice!

I love seeing reminders of God like this.  He surely has fulfilled His promise of bringing me a rainbow (my boys) after the storm (the death of my parents).

Captain America:

Larry said it best "Who needs to go to the movies to see Captain America when we have our own Captain America living with us?"

Little Brother:

And because I can't leave Little Brother out:

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