Saturday, May 23, 2009

Air Show

We went to the Air Show today at Pax River (the Naval base that Larry work on). I had never been to an air show before. It was so neat to see the stunts that the jet and helicopter pilots are able to do. It was VERY noisy, but luckily Stephanie and Matt brought ear plugs for the kids so we weren't worried too worried about the noise for Alex.

Alex surprised us at the air show and kept his hat on for most of the day (for those of you that don't know - Alex HATES hats). He also loved his sunglasses, which was a great thing. We tried out his monkey backpack (leash) and he did great with it! He really enjoyed having the freedom to walk around and we really enjoyed being able to keep tabs on him!

Here is a really cute picture that I took with my cell phone camera! Enjoy :)

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