Monday, May 4, 2009

Bare Booty Bandit

Tonight, while Larry, Alex and I were playing around on the floor, Alex started to mess with his pants. Before long, he had taken his pants off and he was SO proud of himself! After he took off his pants, he started fiddling with the back of his diaper. Larry and I looked over and we found the back of his diaper below his butt cheeks and the front of it hanging on by just a thread!
He kept his diaper like this for most of his "playtime" with Mommy and Daddy. Larry said that he was just "airing" out his behind - I just couldn't stop laughing at him! Nothing like playing with Mommy and Daddy with your butt hanging out! Somedays he is so funny :)
Sorry this picture is so was taken with the phone on my camera!

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The Kritners said...

O.K. this is our favorite!! We three agree with Alex..."hanging-out" is great! So Uncle Josh says! Love you all, Becky