Saturday, May 30, 2009

Potty Time

This weekend, we went to Toys R Us and got Alex a "big-boy" potty. This is the potty that we got him! We don't put a roll of toliet paper on it though - it is too distracting for him ;)

Alex has shown a slight interest in using the potty, so Larry and I decided that this was as good of time as any to get him a little toliet. After setting it up, he did go pee in a two times on Saturday night and two times on Sunday!

We aren't "potty-training" him just yet, but I like the idea of getting him used to the potty and what he is supposed to do on it. I put him on it a couple times a day and if he goes, we clap and get excited, but if he doesn't that is okay, too! I figure we will really start working with him in the next few months.

This is just another sign that our little boy is growing up...all too quickly!

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